The banner design result was fast, professional, attractive…

When I sent my long list of needs to Richie, along with my own image, I expected a quote for ‘custom’ work. Instead, I quickly got a reply that this was all standard, and I could just pay the usual $19.95 for the leaderboard ad. Wow!

At his low prices, I was able to order 3 banner ads at a price lower than I expected to pay for one. The result was fast, professional, attractive, and just what I was looking for!

And he is easy to work with too. (Very ‘Can do.’)

I’m sure these banners will result in increased sales for our Hero Help Desk product.

Thanks Richie.

~ Colleen Wilson ~

You and your designs rock!


You and your designs rock! You create your graphics quickly and provide great value. Using Creations by Richie has enabled me to make my sites more interesting and professional looking without loads of my own time.

Best regards,
Bob at

You are my Graphic Guy FOREVER


All I can say is OMG!

You’ve out done yourself… These really look great, you are my Graphic Guy FOREVER!
I’m serious you really delivered a outstanding job on these…
– Don