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Enter to WIN – Giveaways 2013

! April 2013 Giveaway Ended – Thank you for all those who entered.

Enter to Win - Giveaway 2013 Contest Win Sweepstakes

Enter to WIN
$25.00 In-Our-Store Credit

Use the deposit amount towards any service we offer – banner design, print media design, admin services etc.

Many ways to gain tickets (only 1 is needed to enter)
1 – Enter using Email or Facebook link
2 – Follow us on Twitter
2 – Twit about our giveaway (there is a default twit ready to go)
3 – Refer your friends to enter the contest
(You are given your own link, #RT often – gain 5 tickets per new join)
4 – Like us on Facebook
5 – Like the post on Facebook
6 – Pin a image on Pinterst
7 – Answer a simple question
8 – Share with your friends – 5 tickets each

You can come back hours or days later to gain more tickets – Just connect again and the contest knows which actions you already did to gain tickets.
Keep sharing the link PunchTab provides you & earn 5 entries for each person who enters with your custom link.

This is our first go at running a giveaway on our website and if we gain much traffic and response we will increase the offer next month to $50.00 in-store credit.

Help us make this go viral, we may offer a extra prize for the person that helps to make this go super viral :)

Enter to Win – Current Giveaway Entries accepts between 4-13-2013 up-to 8pm PST 5-1-2013

* If you do not see the PunchTab contest image – please turn on javascript and allow PunchTab

Image Credit:
© Photographer: Billy Alexander | Title: Sunburst

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Additional Rules Note:
The winning credit amount of $25.00 is valid towards any service we offer. This value will not be used to buy anything external to our website, no image purchases, software or the like. This value is not cash and will not be transferable in any manner. Used only as an In-Store Credit/Deposit balance.

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