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I Can Not Like A Facebook Business Page Why?

We only setup a business page on Facebook – and yesterday we wanted to “like” a clients Facebook page where we had created their cover image.

Well we found out that we can not follow another Facebook page using the normal “Facebook like button”  because there was no like button to be seen on other peoples pages.   We searched in Facebook help files and could not locate the answer.

We noticed that there was a pull down button just below the large cover image and one of the options there was called “Add as a Favorite”  so we clicked on that, and refreshed our Facebook business page and there it was, our first “Like” that we wanted to show on our page.

It seems everyone is saying that Facebook social media changes alot of things without notice, so maybe this will not work in the future.  But if there is a change in how Facebook allows us to like another page or like a business page, we will post it here.

Here is what it looks like to add mark a page as a “like”

How to LIKE a business page as a facebook page owner


And if you change your mind and you want to un-like or un-follow a business page here is what the link looks like


How to un-LIKE or remove a business page like follow as a facebook page owner