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First Posting On Our New WordPress Website Design

Our first post onto our newly designed WordPress CMS website is now live.

There are so many changes in this design compared to our previous Joomla CMS design which we had been running since 2006.

So many new features…  Here is a screen shot of our current – at launch – frontpage.









And my portfolio of previous designs has been updated too.  I think there will about 1500 designs that will make it in the current setup.   Hope you enjoy all the new image views – lightbox etc.

Everything is now easy to navigate and ordering your web banner ads is now super easy!  We even have a quick FAQ on how simple it is using our new single page – one click – ordering process. See “What Is The Order Process?” there at the top of Ordering Your Web Banners and Graphic Designs FAQS

You can now order single banners using our very simple order form.

Screenshot image of one of our banner design order forms - Simple - One Click Ordering


Again I would like to welcome you to our new WP site and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to use the Contact-Us online form.